Spring is Here: It’s Time to Get Campy

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I’m a big fan of camping, so I was more than pleased to be asked to attempt the Ziploc® Fresh 180 challenge, “Get Campy.” This challenge encouraged me to think outside of the box and come up with some creative camping ideas.

Camp Close to Home

While camping in your backyard is always a fun adventure, why not bring it indoors? I once set up a tent in the living room for my adorable nephews when they were 3- and 5-years old, and man did we have fun rigging up the sheets for our tents, and making s’mores on the stove!

These days, though, I’m more into swapping homes with a neighbor. It’s so easy to doll up your guest room with flowers, chocolates, movies, wine, fluffy bathrobes and slippers and then swap guest rooms and kids, with the neighbors—bed, breakfast and babysitting.  The next day you and your neighbor friends can compare notes over breakfast together.

Go Glamping

Instead of “roughing it,” I recently went “glamping” (glam + camping) on the water. I took an old, icky houseboat and remodeled it into what we now call the “Retro Metro.”  I outfitted it in my favorite color, orange, and turned it into my personal floating paradise, complete with all of the amenities I could ever ask for.  It is my unplug place.  No matter where you relax, though, it’s important to actually unplug from technology and turn off

that phone. An easy way to disconnect is to find yourself a drawer, a bag or a Ziploc® Brand container with the Smart Snap® Seal, and pack away your device.  This way you won’t be tempted to check those texts and emails!

Drive to Adventure

When most people think about hopping in the car and heading out for an adventure, they often think of a weekend getaway. However, I like doing special things during the week.  Midweek getaways feel more special–almost like you’re playing hooky from life.

Here’s something fun:  Load up the hatchback of your car with a cheese plate, nuts, olives, baguettes, dips ‘n spreads, and other finger foods.  Remember to pack serving pieces in bubble wrap or towels to avoid breakage.  Set up your spread in the trunk or hatchback of your vehicle, or set out a blanket on the ground. Meanwhile, leave a note at home for the rest of the family to meet you at a specific location, at a given time. I’m partial to locations with a view.  That way, as the sun sets, the whole family can enjoy the city come to life.  You’ve had a little adventure not too far from home, and everybody can still be between the sheets at bedtime.

Make S’mores Anytime

For me, camping is pretty much all about the s’mores.  I’ve mentioned s’mores once in this blog already, so suffice it to say I’m obsessed with them.

To do your own twist on the classic s’more for when you don’t have a fire nearby, here’s a quick and easy recipe. Fill chocolate pudding into a Ziploc® Brand Sandwich Bag, snip off the corner and pipe into the bottom of the cup. Then, place marshmallow cream into a different Ziploc® Brand Sandwich Bag, cut the corner and pipe onto the top of the pudding.  Then, dot a handful of graham cracker cereal squares on top!  Serve with a camping light for real camping authenticity.

Explore Nature

Here’s how I commune with Mother Nature.  I take my dog on hikes in the mountains of Los Angeles, as well as along the beaches of Long Beach.  Whenever we’re done with our outdoor adventures, we both get water and some protein, like nuts.  While I don’t typically take them with me on hikes, my girlfriend Jill always has a Ziploc® Brand Snack Bag full of almonds.  She’s good like that.

At our home, we always have nuts on the counter for munching.  We even have a nut drawer in our fridge where we have at least 10-15 different types of nuts and mixes in various Ziploc® Brand Slider Storage and Freezer Bags with the Smart Zip® Seal.

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.

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