Show That Bridal Shower Who’s Boss: 7 Tips for Throwing a Beautiful Bridal Shower on a Budget

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Spring is here, which means wedding season is in full swing. If you’ve ever been in a wedding, you know the list of expenses is long. Between gifts, dresses, shoes, travel arrangements and bridal showers, the costs can really skyrocket.

When I was asked to participate in the Ziploc® Fresh 180 challenge “Show That Bridal Shower Who’s Boss,” it occurred to me that hosting a shower doesn’t have to break the bank. A pinch of ingenuity mixed with a dash of DIY will make throwing a beautiful cupcake-themed bridal shower literally a piece of cake (and leave you with cash to spare).

Send Invitations

Affordable paper invitations in a cupcake theme can be purchased at a local stationery store or online; the lead time for printing is generally one to two weeks.

Electronic invitation services are becoming popular with party hosts because they’re free, delivered immediately and, because they’re so convenient, party guests are more likely to RSVP, giving you a better head count for party planning.

DIY Decorations

To make the tabletops look festive for a gilded cupcake shower, create decorated votives candle holders and vases to fill with pretty daisies. Purchase a dozen clear candle holders, several glass vases and a gold paint pen from your local craft store. Use the paint pen to draw geometric designs on the glass. Get your tables dressed up for the party by adding tea lights to the candle holders and a bouquet of daisies to each vase.

Cupcake Bar
Guests will be in cupcake bliss as they frost their own cakes and experiment with flavor combinations. Bake several of the bride’s favorite cupcake recipes and prepare several frosting flavors, or have a local bakery do the baking for you; just pick up the unfrosted cupcakes with the frosting on the side.

Set up the decorating bar by organizing the cupcakes in rows. Spoon each flavor of frosting into its own Ziploc® Brand gallon freezer bag. Squeeze the frosting into one of the bottom corners of the bag, twist the opposite end to keep the frosting bag tight and secure it with a rubber band. When it’s time for the shower to begin, snip a tip of each frosting bag, and guests can then mix and match frosting and cupcake flavors. For added decorating fun, set out an assortment of sprinkles or other garnishes in small cups.
Cherish the Bride With a Game
Playing party games helps break the ice at bridal showers, and can even make the bride feel cherished.  To play the daisy game, ask the groom in advance for the top 12 reasons he fell in love with the bride. Write each response on a separate piece of paper and attach each to a daisy stem using ribbon. Have the guests read the responses aloud while presenting the bride with the flower.  The bride will be left standing with a bouquet of daisies and sweet sentiments.

Party Favors
Make these adorable cupcake decorating kits to go home with each shower guest. Prepare an extra batch of cupcakes in Ziploc® Brand Versa glass cups, one for each guest. Place about 1/4 cup of frosting into Ziploc® Brand sandwich bags, press the frosting to the corner, and secure it with a rubber band. Place 1 teaspoon of sprinkles into Ziploc® Brand snack-size bags. Put the cupcake into a cellophane sack and attach the frosting and sprinkles with ribbon.

Create a Cocktail

Stick with the cupcake theme and create cupcake martinis.  This creamy dreamy cocktail can be made one at a time or in a pitcher, making serving a cinch.

Cupcake Martini (Serves 1)
1 1/2 ounces vanilla vodka
1 ounce amaretto`
1 ounce skim milk
1 teaspoon heavy cream
2 ounces diet ginger ale

1/2 teaspoon vanilla cake frosting
1 tablespoon sprinkles

To garnish glasses, rub frosting on the edge of glass and press the sprinkles into the frosting.  Shake ingredients with ice, and strain them into a martini glass.

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.






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