Ready, Set, Spring Clean!

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Whether it’s biology or tradition, cultures have been spring cleaning for centuries. I think it’s simply that the extra daylight lets us see the dirt that has accumulated all winter long. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help you get ready to spring clean your home.

1. Make a list of all the cleaning products and tools you are going to need so you have everything ready before you start your spring cleaning.

2. Locate furniture movers (like the one picture below) so you can clean behind things. Moving furniture never happens during a regular cleaning, so you’re going to want to move everything. These little movers will make moving furniture an easy job, especially if you are cleaning by yourself.

3. Dust accumulates in some tight places during the winter months, including the lampshades. A lint roller is a great way to remove dust from these places.

4. Plan to move your houseplants onto a deck or patio and give them a light shower. This will remove the winter layer of dust and help them breathe better.

5. Make sure you have an apron with large pockets so that you’re really ready to work efficiently. Try going to your local paint or hardware store where they frequently give them away for free.

6. Find a high quality drying rack that can handle the weight of blankets, pillows and comforters. Hanging your winter bed linens in the sun will give them that fresh-air scent you’ve been craving all winter.

7. Plan to “wash” your walls with just a microfiber mop and a spray bottle of water.  You can do a great job by just dusting them. This will make cleaning your walls a very simple chore.

8. Reorganizing your bookcases will give them a new look and will give you the opportunity to dust both the bookcase and the books. This job can easily be done with your vacuum cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

9. Purchase two new microfiber cloths to clean your windows. Using fine woven microfiber will make cleaning windows extremely easy.  Purchasing new cloths will guarantee perfect windows.

10. Make sure your vacuum is in tip-top shape and all the attachments are in perfect working order. Your vacuum is the best tool you can use while you’re spring cleaning. Your vacuum is going to get a real workout, so have it cleaned and checked before you get started with your cleaning. You want to make sure it’s up for the task.

Photo credits: Leslie Reichert

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