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I’ve had the great fortune of working with some amazing professionals in my career. Peter Walsh of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” fame was also my partner on two amazing seasons of TLC’s “Clean Sweep.” Every week, we transformed “two rooms, in two days with $2000!” We also contributed to the book “Conquer the Clutter” entirely dedicated to organization and design. Over the years, I have found some tried and true products I love for quick, inexpensive organization projects that merge beauty and function.

Many of us are tired of the same old organizational supplies when it comes to setting up our offices. We already know that a productive office is a functioning office, but we also want style! The kitchen and laundry departments of home goods stores are my go-to office organization stops! My teen daughter’s room is a great example. Although a small workspace, these tips can be used to organize a room of any size.

Sophia, a fitness junkie and professional blogger, needs to have all her favorite articles and inspiration at her fingertips. While shopping, think of what the ideal “contraption” would look like for your organizational needs. For us, it was something that had many slats that allowed the ability to see each individual periodical. Voila! A laundry drying rack became our perfect magazine storage and display system.

One of my favorite wall systems is designed for the kitchen but has the potential to be useful in any room. After you install a simple rail, you have a vast selection of containers and holders you can hook to the rail. We chose small, medium and large ceramic containers for her pens, brushes and other office supplies.

Continue to look for items that will keep your desk organized and neat while looking great. We loved the look of graduated metal containers to hold the less pretty items and the small matching glass jars to keep the little stuff contained; change, batteries, hair bands and chalk all looking adorable.

Metal utensil holders make great organization for magnetic dry erase pens and loose desktop items.

Designer Trick: Before shopping, make a list of the items you need to have on hand while you’re sitting at your desk. While you shop, look at everything as if it’s made for office organization and your desk — the possibilties are endless. Have fun organizing!

Photo credits: Kelli Ellis

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