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I am lucky enough to be blessed with dear friends who love to entertain just as much as I do! Because I know what it takes to host an evening (no matter how casual), I love to bring over a fun gift as a thank you for the invite. Typically, I like to bring something for the house or family. A candle is always nice, but I try to be creative and do something with a little more personal flair. The secret to personalizing a hostess gift is to start out with a basic piece and add a little something to it to make it a completely unique gift.

Pots & Spices

Lately, I’ve had my eye on a set of 4 mini Moroccan tagines in bright summer colors. Moroccan-inspired home accessories are on trend this year and the colors of this set are so modern. Since they’re used for cooking, I buy some spices to go along with the tagines to create the perfect gift!

Classic Champagne (with a twist!)

I was just invited to our local beach club for a day in the sun and an evening under the stars. My go-to gift for an occasion like this is a sparkling bottle of champagne or wine. Put the bottle in a basket with some non-breakable glasses and add some great olive oil and bread. With this gift, you’ll be contributing to the party and the hostess with have a nice basket and glasses as keepsakes.

Unusual Extravagance

This spring, we were invited by one of my wonderful client/friends to stay at her farm home in Southern England. What do you give someone as a thank you gift for such a generous offer? Before leaving England, I went hunting for some vintage books, tied them up in some brown paper and left them as a surprise gift that they’ll find upon visiting their farm home again. Back in Los Angeles, I dropped off a beautiful silk orchid at their home. No water required — the perfect gift for world travelers!

Gifts for Guests

If your hostess likes to entertain, bring along a gift that she can use for that purpose. A beautiful set of salad serveware, a retro salt and pepper shaker set or some seasonal guest towels for the bathroom along with special soaps. These are all little extras that she might not buy for herself.

Whatever you bring, even if it’s just a  small memento, remember to really think what your host or hostess would like and send your thanks from your heart.

xo, Elizabeth

Photo credits: Elizabeth Lamont

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