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I’m sure you’re all anxious to get out in your yards and get to work on this year’s garden crops, but before you do I wanted to share some cool ideas from our friends over at Hometalk. The tomato idea is something I’m definitely going to try myself!

Tomatoes and the Garbage Can Trick

There’s no magic trick to this one, folks. It’s a simple but effective way of making sure the water reaches the roots and avoids the leaves as much as possible. The results, as you can see in the other images, are pretty amazing.

Image credits: By James Bryan C on Hometalk

Herb Spiral Gardens

Planting herbs in a spiral garden provides a nice touch that’s also space efficient. You get fresh herbs that smell amazing and can be harvested little by little, and a lovely feature for your yard or garden.

Image credits: By The Micro Gardener – Anne on Hometalk

Raised Garden Bed from Upcycled Shutters

Raised beds are great for gardeners who don’t have the best ground soil or simply want more control over where to plant their crops. This version transforms old window shutters and scrap wood into a pretty raised bed. You know what they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Image credits: By Barb Rosen on Hometalk

Potato Towers

Did you know you can grow potatoes without covering them with soil?  You can if you create small potato towers with straw and green plastic fencing. It certainly looks worth a try.

Image credits: By Sow and Dipity on Hometalk

Peat Pellet Seed Starters

If it’s still too cold in your area to plant anything in the ground, try using peat pellets as your indoor seed starters. Pop a few seeds in each pellet and make sure they’re always moist. Watch carefully: seedlings will come crawling out in the comings weeks.

Image credits: By Sow and Dipity on Hometalk

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