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I’ve learned that no matter how small or large your home is, you will fill it up! Just like a great handbag – large, small, tote or evening – every inch gets stuffed full. After moving into our home six years ago, I have managed to stuff every corner with things I “need.”

Even though I have an official office, I like to have tile samples, fabrics, finish samples and even grout colors close on hand, so I can complete a project even while at home. You can imagine how that stash of goodies builds up very quickly over time – and the deep, cavernous closet under the stairs was my secret hiding place. It was a mysterious space because I could barely find a thing in it!

photo 2

I wanted to walk past the scary door of doom and think to myself “That’s the door to a perfectly organized designer dream,” instead of the pit it had become. It was time to get brave and conquer the demons inside that door with a little inspiration from the Ziploc® Fresh 180 challenge, “Get the Most from the Least Space.”

My goal was to keep that amazing little gem of a closet all to myself. However, I had to make it manageable. When I had a new project and needed that special something to perfect my designs, it was very frustrating and anti-creative to have to rummage through the closet to find my inspiration pieces. I needed to be able to grab my design-perfecting samples and go.

My first task was to sort through the mounds of fabric samples I love and use often. Sorting them by color and putting them in Ziploc® brand Space Bag® Cubes was a start. Flooring rings and grout kits all found a home on the shelves. Remembering one of the challenge tips, “Use your vertical real estate,” I put the tile samples in Ziploc® brand bags, stored on hooks for easy viewing and retrieving.

photo 3

Since the closet became a store-all space for all things holiday and how-to videos, I sorted and grouped like items together in Ziploc® brand Big Bags. Pumpkins, goblins, wrapping paper, glue guns all got tucked away nicely in bags. Since these bags have handles, I slipped them onto hangers to free up precious floor real estate.

photo 4

I’ve won this battle, shining a light on the once daunting, dark and dingy closet. Feeling great, I scanned the house for other untouched gloomy terrain. Aside from my 18-year-old’s room, my husband’s martial arts closet terrifies me – I keep waiting for those outfits to walk out on their own, ready to fight!
Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.


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