Make Your Own Dip Dyed Reusable Market Tote (and Kick Plastic Bags to the Curb!)

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A dip dyed tote is a great at-home accessory to have on handJust quickly scroll through Pinterest and you’re bound to agree that one of the most popular home-based trends currently lies with dip dyed projects. From table legs and wooden chairs, to coffee table trays and even curtains, the dipped process is undeniably adorable. To hop on the bandwagon, I translated the same concept onto a canvas market tote. I can’t wait to take my colorful new bag with me to the store, whether it’s the grocery or thrift variety.The supplies for your own dip dyed tote are very affordable and easy to gatherFor this project, you’ll need a canvas bag (I bought mine from eBay), a plate or plastic paint palette, foam sponge or paint brush, painter’s tape, acrylic paint and feather poufs. Start by squeezing out a dollop of paint onto your palette. Next, unroll a length of tape across the width of the canvas bag, about five inches from the bottom of the bag making sure to press firmly.Painter's tape will assist in making sure your line stays nice and crisp

Make sure to press firmly on the tape before beginning to paintCoat your foam sponge or brush with a good amount of paint (the canvas soaks up the paint, so don’t hold back) and start brushing it across the canvas. Don’t forget to paint the edges, too!The wider your foam brush, the better your coverage will be

Hit the sides of the bag with paint, too

Peel the painter's tape away as soon as you finish painting

As soon as you’re finished painting, peel back the tape and discard. If you leave the tape on until the paint dries, you run the risk of peeling the paint off along with the tape. Allow the paint to dry for about an hour, flip the bag and repeat the process on the other side. Allow the bag to dry for another hour, and then add the feather poufs to one of the straps using safety pins or twine. I have a feeling that this bag will be in heavy rotation at our home!Mint is just as on-trend as the dip dye look

Bright feather poufs are the perfect finishing touch

The perfect reusable tote for groceries or antique store findsCarrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog, Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy Carrie Waller.

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