Make the Most of Your Closet 365 Days a Year

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Make the Most of Your Closet 365 Days a Year

I adore clothes and my closet reflected my obsession. It was crammed full of tried-and-true favorites and some fresh new finds for the coming season. My burst-at-the-seams cubby revealed just how easily I‘m seduced by a super sale at my favorite stores, not to mention an interesting fabric or a gorgeous spring sweater.

When I was asked to participate in the Ziploc® Fresh 180 challenge, “Make the Most of Your Closet 365 Days a Year,” a rush of excitement hit me. I thought I would approach my closet with a new set of eyes. Armed with my years of retail experience and in full merchandising mode, I took a deep breath for bravery and dug into my closet for a fresh look. What about you? Could your closet use some help?

Classify your Collection
When you think about it, your closet reflects years of collecting your favorite brands, colors, garment shapes and true treasures. If it looks like mine did with everything stuffed in so tightly that finding a favorite T-shirt was like searching for a needle in a haystack, it’s time for a change. This means sifting through the goods and discarding things that no longer work.
You have to be harsh, and get rid of things that don’t fit your body or sense of style. Are you still hanging on to that 80s prom dress? Drop it out of your hot little hands and let it go! I know that letting go can be hard, but reminding yourself that you’re making room for your next great find will help.

As you go through your closet, group all like styles together. Start at one end and work your way through, keeping two simple rules in mind: The first is short to long. For example, hang all your T-shirts together in one location, starting with tanks, then sleeveless tees, followed by the short-sleeve ones with long-sleeve T-shirts last. The second rule is light to dark. Within each classification, put clothes in color order, starting with white and ending with black. When you’re finished with your T-shirts move on to woven shirts, sweaters, jackets and continue until you’ve tackled all your clothes.

My closet space was a little tight, so I folded heavy winter sweaters, corduroy and wool pants into a Ziploc® brand Flexible Tote and slid it into the very bottom of my closet to give me a little breathing room. The totes will protect clothes from dust and dirt – and I won’t have to worry about moths eating my woolens.

These two simple rules transformed my closet. Putting laundry away is now a breeze – and I always know where my favorite T-shirt is!

Taming the Shoe
Accessories are supposed to be the icing on the cake when it comes to an outfit, but my accessories were in utter chaos. The simplest fix seemed to be the shoes, so I started there. Because summer is almost here and I won’t need my boots for a while, I decided to get them completely out of the way. I gave them a good cleaning and polishing. Next, I stacked them into an XL Ziploc® brand Big Bag and tucked it into the bottom of my closet – whew, what a difference! Not only are they out of the way for the next six months, but also when the first cold snap hits, they’ll feel brand new and ready to go.

Handcuffed by Handbags
I have somewhat of a handbag issue: the issue is that I love them. They are like little works of art — and I have a hard time parting with my favorites. In fact, I have several that date back to my college years. I won’t say how old they are, but the word, “vintage” comes to mind.

I had a small chest crammed full of them, so it was impossible to see what I had, not to mention that such a storage method could damage the bags. I decided to devote the top shelf of my closet to getting my handbags under control. I stowed my evening bags in a gallon-size Ziploc® brand bag. Then, I photographed all my other handbags before putting them into Ziploc® brand Flexible Totes. I taped the pictures on the outside of the totes, so I can find what I need when getting dressed. Wow, what a difference!

Scarf Wars
My scarves were always a gnarled mess and I couldn’t see what I owned. For an easy fix, I folded the scarves and grouped them by color. I placed several scarves in each of a few gallon-sized Ziploc® brand bags, and then clipped the bags onto a sturdy hanger. Now they’ll stay organized and I can always see what I have.

Since I organized my closet, getting dressed in the morning is a true joy. I feel like I’m at my favorite boutique, when in fact, I’m in my very own closet!
Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.

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