Make Giant Art Prints of Your Favorite Photos With a Few Simple Steps

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Large scale art prints

Did you know you can make large-scale art prints from most any photograph you’ve taken? These oversized images can make amazing, personalized statement art for your home.

It’s easy to make budget-friendly, giant black-and-white posters from your photographs. All you need is a high-resolution digital image of the photograph you want to enlarge. Keep in mind there will be some distortion in the final print. The higher the resolution, the less distorted the outcome will turn out (original format is best).

Pink Peonies

Think of them like oversized photocopies of your photographs with nice lines and little imperfections throughout. This method works well on family photos as well as landscapes and nature photography.

We opted for a few family shots, one of our dog and a favorite still-life shot of Mary’s favorite flowers (peonies), thinking these could make for fun little slices of life throughout the house.

Save the images to a USB drive and ask your local printer such as FedEx, Staples or Office Max to print them out as large engineering prints.

Large format printer

The name of the actual printer we used at FedEx was a KIP 3000 wide-format printing, scanning and copy machine for black-and-white large-scale printing. Color prints would be a lot of fun to experiment with, but the nature of these large printers is a lower-quality black and white print (like a giant photo-copy), so there isn’t technically a comparable option for color that we know of at this time. Call me crazy, but I snapped a quick phone shot of the printer (pictured left) for reference.

We opted for the largest print size at $11 each, which was 36 inches tall by about 60 or more inches wide. The smaller the print size you order, the cheaper and clearer the prints will be.

To give you an idea of scale and quality straight from the printer, see the shot of Mary holding one up next to our dog, Basil, below. We’re not joking when we say these prints are big! The images take on a whole new look and feel in the larger, black-and-white format.

How to make giant art prints from photographs
For framing options, you can typically find a poster-size frame big enough for these large prints at your local craft store. If you find a frame a tad smaller, you can simply cut the print down by placing the frame over the area of the image that’s most important to keep and then trace and cut from there.

Make Giant Photograph Art

In addition to decorating, these giant prints are so versatile — make them to celebrate a milestone event, wedding or party. Make them as a visual aid for your next presentation, or layer several together over a wall to create a graphic wallpaper treatment — so many possibilities for creativity!

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Photo credits: Mary & Tim Vidra (wedding photograph in background by Tori Watson).

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