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In 2008 I began tallying up my grocery receipts and was shocked to find out I was spending over $800 a month on food for my family of four. Over the last six years I’ve been able to whittle down my grocery budget to a mere $100 a month by slowly turning my suburban backyard garden into an oasis of organically grown fruits and vegetables and being cautious about the food I buy.

Even though I’ve been gardening almost my entire adult life I learn something new from my garden every year. In the last few years my passion for gardening has grown from picking up the random packet of seeds at my grocery store to really taking the time to learn about particular seed varieties and where they originated from.

Knowing where your food comes from is cool, but knowing where your seeds came from (and the history behind them) is even better.

Whether it’s walking out my backdoor to harvest ingredients from one of my 10 garden boxes, collecting eggs from our flock of backyard chickens or simply picking fruit off a tree, I know exactly what is going into the meals I prepare for my family each day. And that my friends, is a huge deal to me. I’m excited to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for gardening here on eHow and hopefully inspire some of you to start growing your own food as well.

There’s no doubt about it, homegrown is best!


Photos courtesy of Mavis Butterfield

Mavis Butterfield shares her gardening experiences and frugal living tips on her blog, One Hundred Dollars a Month.

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