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“Hello, my name is Kelli. How can I help you?”

I can honestly say that I enjoy uttering that sentence. That’s because I believe design should not be a mystery, out-of-reach or scary. It should be easy, satisfying and accessible. So here I am.

When I began my design career, I reached out to the everyday homeowner with enthusiasm and passion.  From the first day I “hung my sign,” I have been the “People’s Designer,” exposing the secrets of design for all to see.

Just before I became a TV designer, as I sat at the Teaching Credential Orientation Day at my alma mater, California State University Fullerton, I couldn’t help reminiscing about how I got there. I had graduated 12 years prior with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Marketing. While in college, I spent my free time designing friends’ dorm rooms, rented apartments and family houses.  I began “helping” my parent’s friends in their palatial homes and, finally, I remodeled my London apartment every two weeks as my European influences became a part of my style forever. After a seemingly very long one and a half year stint in law school, a marriage and two beautiful children, I realized it was time to make it official. It struck me as I was soothing a colicky baby, pacing my living room watching a late night episode of HGTV – “That’s it!” I said looking at my fussy little bundle of joy, “Mommy’s gonna be on TV teaching everyone about design!” After receiving a design certification, I was on my way.  Before I ever had a chance to re-enroll at my beloved university to become the best darn design teacher ever, I landed my first TV gig designing for the masses – Ah ha! This is how I will teach!

TLC, HGTV, NBC, ABC, and Bravo later – I still have a passion for helping everyone live in their dream home. It wasn’t long before I realized that the reason we love design is because it is attainable, it can be achieved, it isn’t impossible to surround ourselves with beauty. There’s an entire network dedicated to it!  As I was sharing ideas and trends with the masses, I saw that there is a much deeper meaning to our never-ending desire to have the “perfect” home.  I authored a “Certified Design Psychology Coaching” program to help other designers, life coaches and homeowners understand the deeper meaning of design. We are truly happy when we are true to our authentic ideas of beauty and not the box store color of the month (ok, that’s a whole other blog!). Bottom line, I just want to help everyone create their ultimate haven.

I look forward to sharing ideas, lessons learned, questions to ask, mistakes to avoid, tricks, tips and cool trends.  Thank you in advance for your questions, comments and sharing.

Love and Colors,

Photo credit: Kelli Ellis

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