How to Have Fun with Indoor Plant Design

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Whether you live where you have to garden indoors because the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor growing all year round, or you just enjoy how much a good indoor garden can add to your interior design, indoor gardening can be both fun and creative. Just like gardening outdoors, you can mix plants, containers and décor to create your own landscape design.

Indoor gardens can take more forms and be more decorative than most people think. Choose the space you plan to use before you begin buying plants. Big or small areas will determine what kind of garden to design. The angle of viewing will be another factor. And the kind of light available will determine the type of plants that will adapt to your garden conditions.

Big areas are ideal for big plants or plant groups.

Look for bold specimens that fit well in the space. Use tall growth habits for narrow areas or corners. Wide but low indoor gardens are filled nicely with a number of potted plants. A spreading selection can create its own focal point.

Containers can help set the mood in a larger area. Design rows of same-container plants to create a clean, contemporary look. Cobble together a mix of different pots for an eclectic effect.

Add a color accent to the room by planting an indoor garden with pots all of the same hue. Or set a theme with stylized containers: bamboo or cane for an Asian or tropical feel, wood or branches for a woodland theme, clay or brightly painted Mexican pots for a Southwestern effect, or maybe polished or burnished metallic pots for a contemporary look.

Smaller areas require careful thought since there is less to distract from the planting.

Containers can be used the same as in larger gardens, singly or grouped. Try an eye-catching pot and plant combination.

Or pots can be grouped in a larger container — like a large basket, or slipped into a decorative setting of interesting rocks, statues or even colorful draped fabrics. Smaller gardens on a window sill can even be designed into whole miniature landscapes with anything from paths to small buildings, to little fences.

For very small areas you can create a container garden. Bowls or boxes can overflow with showy plants. Or you can take the concept of a miniature garden into a single container. Check out all the interesting tiny furniture and décor available to create everything you could have in a real, full-scale outdoor landscape. Glass terrariums can create a home for your most delicate plants.

Indoor gardens can thrive year round so long as they receive sufficient light, water, food and are kept clean and well-tended. Choose complementary shaped plant leaves, textures and flower colors. Then put them together with containers and décor and you can have fun creating whatever indoor landscape you want.

Photo credits: Jane Gates

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