How to Create a Functional Yet Stylish Workspace

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Stylish yet functional office spaces

Workspaces come in all shapes and sizes. They serve different purposes and depending on what the space is for, they need to meet different needs. One thing is for certain though; it’s entirely possible to have a functional yet stylish place to work in.

First, let’s talk about the desk. Desks are generally the focal point in a workspace, so choose a piece that is distinctive. Like many people, I needed a desk that could be multifunctional. This oversized desk atop sawhorses serves just that purpose.  I love how the piece immediately draws interest to the room yet functions as both a traditional desk and a large work area.

Just like workspaces, desks can come in all shapes and sizes. Take advantage of large rooms by adding a large desk. For those smaller spaces, a built in wall desk is a perfect solution. Small dining tables are a great option for those of you looking for something less traditional.  And for an often budget-friendly approach, scour local thrift stores for vintage desks.  Small or large, new or old, round or square – there’s a desk solution for any space and budget!

Stylish yet functional office spaces

Another functional need of any good workspace is storage. Think of storage solutions as an opportunity to add dimension and character to the room. Shelves not only provide a place for your things but also draw the eye up.  Just as you have to think of big storage options, you also have to think small.  Glass jars are a great solution for rubber bands and paperclips, where as gold bowls disguise mismatched odds and ends.  Magazine holders and boxes easily add organization; however, take advantage of open bins and baskets too. Rolled paper placed in bins can add storage and create visual interest in your office at the same time.

Stylish yet functional office spaces

Workspaces also need a good thinking board, a place that displays to-do lists, invitations, photography and inspirational pieces. Cork boards, magnet boards, and felt boards all work to house such things. Or, one of my favorite options is to use a Pegboard!  They are a great solution to quickly access items and are also sturdy enough to hang up heavier objects too, such as scissors.  Pegboards can easily be painted and are a cool way to add function and style at the same time.

Stylish yet functional office spaces

Finally, add beautiful accessories. Don’t worry about functionality here. In fact, you’ve probably already got that covered.  Glass jars used for storing small items count! By filling them with one singular item (such as pins, paperclips, or rubber bands) the office supplies that once counted as clutter, now double as accessories.  Also, consider painting the main wall dark and fill your space with gold bowls, and lots of art.  For added interest in the room, include patterned guest chairs.  Fill the room with things that are beautiful and inspiring to you, like a vintage paperweight, a collection of ceramics, or a crafted mirror. Beautiful and personal accessories will delight not only you but your guests as well. After all, a workspace only becomes truly functional when you actually want to be in there and use the space!

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