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Gardens add color to our lives, and colors can impact how we feel. For example, cool hues like blues and purples tend have a relaxing effect, while warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows tend to energize. Some people like to fill their landscapes with every shade in the spectrum, while others prefer to stick to a limited palette to create a theme. No matter how you want to make your garden colorful, you can utilize color in a number of ways.

Get the most milage out of a colorful design created with perennials (plants that grow back every year) by incorporating interesting foliage, flowers and bark into the mix. During periods when there is little bloom, plants with showy leaves can be used to fill the color gap — some leaves can be as brilliant as flower petals.

Another way to brighten up your garden is by planting annual flowers in bare or dreary spots. Annuals only last for a single season but, because of their short lives, they try to bloom like crazy to produce as much seed as possible — making these fast and furious annuals perfect for supplying bright splashes of color to your garden. Get the most out of annuals by pruning dead flowers to encourage more blooming.

Not all the visual excitement in your garden needs to come from plants. All those useful structures — pathways, sheds, fences, archways, etc — can be a source of bright hues. A coat of lively paint can transform a dreary background into an energized backdrop for plants. Ordinary posts or walls can be adorned with painted images and murals, or simply painted a solid color. Even stone and gravel can be found in rainbows of colors.

Outdoor furniture and fabrics offer bright solids, stripes and other patterns to add to your yard. Décor in the form of pinwheels, sculptures, pots and painted troughs offer more opportunities for colorful expression.

Don’t forget about outdoor lighting. Lighting has the potential to turn a garden into a completely magical environment. You can find lights that come with bulbs and filters in a wide range of tints and hues.

There are so many ways to play with color in your landscape. It is a powerful tool for adding mood and personality to your garden space.

Photo credits: Jane Gates and Getty Images

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