DIY Tassel Mobile Fit for Your Baby’s Nursery

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A DIY tassel garland is the perfect way to add a bit of color to your baby's nursery

Although my husband and I don’t have children, several of our friends have started beautiful families of their own, and I for one can’t help but live vicariously through them. Case in point: nursery decor! There’s something so charming and whimsical about the colorful world of baby decorations and I couldn’t help but try my hand at a DIY tassel mobile fit for a brand new baby girl!

To make a tissue paper tassel, start by cutting strips into the paper all the way across but leaving the middle uncut

To make your own, start by gathering tissue paper in your favorite colors. I chose complimentary shades of reddish pink and green for my mobile. Next, unfold the tissue paper and lay flat, then cut the sheets into 1 ft x 2.5 ft rectangles.

Now that your sheets are cut to size, slice into the shorter ends with a pair of scissors. You’ll want to cut strips about 1 foot in length every inch or so. The most important thing to remember is not to cut all the way down the length of the tissue paper—you’ll need to leave the middle intact, as shown above.

Fold your tissue paper in half length wise

The next few steps can seem a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to work your way through the pile in no time! First, as shown above, grab a single sheet of the sliced tissue paper and fold in half, lengthwise.

Next, fold your paper in half length wise a second time

Then, fold your tissue paper in half one more time, again, lengthwise. After that, gently twist the center of the paper until you can no longer see the uncut section you had left alone earlier. This is illustrated below.

Continue the process by twisting the uncut center section of the paper

Finally, bend the twisted section over your index finger and twist the two ends together directly below your finger to create the finished tassel shape. Slip the paper tassel off of your finger and set aside. Then, repeat the steps until you have enough tassels to start piecing together your mobile. I made 8.

Finally, fold the paper over your index finger and twist again to make a loop

Slip the completed tassel off of your finger and set aside

In case you were wondering, you probably won’t need to use any glue to hold your tassels together. I didn’t need any since the twists held together pretty well on their own. That said, feel free to add a bit of craft glue to your tassel before you do the last step if you prefer a little extra hold.

Repeat the steps for making paper tassels using several coordinating colors

A range of colors makes for the most visual impact

For the mobile part of this project, you’ll want to purchase a large 14 inch wooden embroidery hoop. Loosen the metal bolt on the end of the outer hoop and remove the inner hoop—this is the half that you’ll use as the structure for your mobile since it doesn’t have any metal pieces to work around.

Use the inner half of an oversized embroidery hoop, the half without the metal clasp

Then, use lengths of white embroidery thread to attach your tassels to the embroidery hoop, simply by triple knotting one end to the hoop and triple knotting the other around the loop in the paper tassel. You could use all equal lengths of thread, two different lengths for a staggered look (like I did) or all different lengths for a more eclectic, random vibe. It’s up to you!

Use plain colored, sturdy thread to attach your paper tassels to the hoop

Tie one end of the string around the loop in your tassel and tie the other end to the hoop

Triple knot your threads to ensure a sturdy mobile

Once all of your paper tassels have been tied to your hoop you're ready to hang it

With all of your tassels attached to the hoop, add 4 more pieces of thread equal distances apart and then bring them together in the middle above your hoop. Tie together, then cut the excess thread off. To finish, add a metal hook to the ceiling and loop the thread over.

Although this mobile was created to hang above a baby’s crib, if you are unsure of the strength of the materials, it can happily be hung anywhere in your child’s nursery as colorful, decorative ceiling art!

A paper tassel mobile is a simple way to add personality to your baby's room

Although made for a nursery, this paper mobile works well for party decor, too

The complimentary red and green tassels work naturally together as a group

Carrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog, Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy of Carrie Waller.

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