DIY Paper Rocket Party Crackers to Start Your Summer Party Off With a Bang

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Paper rocket party crackers

I am so excited to be hosting our first barbecue of the season this weekend! We love celebrating simply in the summer and these rocket party crackers are an easy way to add some festive fun to any celebration.

These party favors are a simplified form of the traditional Christmas cracker, but made to look like rockets and filled with sweet treats. Everyone adores them, especially the kids! I made a batch of these rocket favors for Memorial Day and plan to make them for all our summer holiday parties.

Closeup of a paper rocket party cracker

Paper rocket party crackers

Materials for DIY paper rocket party crackers

Making these crackers is a breeze — even the kids can help! You will need one piece of paper cut into a rectangle and one piece of paper cut into a half circle. You can make the rockets bigger or smaller depending on what will be stuffed inside. You’ll also need a stash of crinkle wrapping filler (for the rocket flames) and sweet treats to stuff inside.

Start by cutting the paper down to size, as shown above. Don’t worry about cutting the pieces perfectly since they will be glued together. Take the rectangle paper and glue the long sides together to form the base for the rocket. Twist and glue the two open ends of the half circle together to form the top.

Paper rocket party crackers

Stuff the rockets with goodies to enjoy during the party festivities. Once they are stuffed, glue the top part of the rocket onto the base. Finish each rocket off with a stash of crinkle paper to hold the goodies in.

Traditionally, party crackers break in the middle, but guests will have a blast cracking off the tops of these rockets and finding their treats inside.

Paper rocket party crackers

Paper rocket party crackers

Join me in starting the summer off with a bang by making these fun and easy-to-crack treats this Memorial Day!

Photography and project design by Victoria Hudgins.

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