Create Your Own Arrow Wall Art Using Felt and Dowels

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Create Your Own Arrow Wall Art Using Felt and Dowels

In our home, art is one of those things that never really stays in one spot. Because I tend to rearrange entire rooms of furniture at the drop of a hat, too, it’s important that my art is flexible and just as ready for spontaneous movement.

So when I caught sight of adorable arrow wall art on Pinterest that could be hung using nothing but strips of decorative tape, I immediately decided to create my own lookalike versions using super soft felt in lieu of “real deal” arrowheads and feathers.

Closeup of three dowels

To make your own, you’ll first need to grab an assortment of dowel rods. My wooden ones hailed from our local craft store and cost about 50¢ apiece. To give my collection of arrows a bit of edge, I chose to cut them down into three varying lengths: one 2 feet long, another 1.5 feet and the last one exactly 1 foot in length. A lightweight hacksaw should be all that you need to cut through the soft wood.

Next, to give my dowel rods a bit of sophisticated edge, I painted on two coats of Minwax stain in Dark Walnut and let them dry overnight.

Three dowels dyed with a walnut stain

With my dowels ready to go, I broke out my supply of colorful felt and a pair of scissors. To make my felt arrow shapes, I created a simple template in Adobe (which you can download here for your project) and then cut each out by hand. I set them aside for the next phase.

Felt in a variety of colors and a pair of scissors

Craft glue and various felt arrows and feathers

After cutting my shapes, I squeezed a line of craft glue on top of the feather cut-outs and on the bottom of the arrow shapes and then stuck each to the dowel. I put the feathers under the dowel rod (as pictured) and glued the arrows on top at the opposite ends.

Three felt arrows each attached to the end of a dowel

Finally, I added bits of washi tape to give the wall art just a little more flair and personality. I wrapped a small piece of blue-striped tape at the end of each arrow and then used two pieces of gold tape, one at each end, to attach the three arrows to the wall.

Because I didn’t bother with nails or hooks, my arrows are easily moved throughout the house whenever I get the urge. For less than $5 in supplies (all of which, in fact, I already had on hand), I’d call this simple DIY art project a happy success!

Create Your Own Decorative Arrow Wall Art Using Felt and Dowels

Create Your Own Decorative Arrow Wall Art Using Felt and Dowels

Faux felt feathers

Create Your Own Decorative Arrow Wall Art Using Felt and Dowels

Carrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy of Carrie Waller.

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