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I’m a lucky girl. My husband has always had a laundry routine and when our lives merged, he stuck to the routine. I like to say that I sort, he washes, and I fold. But I’m not as disciplined as he is about it and sometimes I get a little behind on… err… the folding. But when I get to it, I do it right! Except for those danged fitted sheets. For the longest time, my linen closet was plagued with a terribly messy pile of fitted sheets.

No longer. There IS a proper way to fold a fitted sheet. I would try to describe it here, but honestly, sometimes the best way to learn these things is by watching someone do it. For this reason, I highly recommend these videos.

How to Properly Fold a Fitted Sheet. Rachel Yatuzis walks you through the process in 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Is your mother-in-law visiting and likely to snoop around your linen closet?? Could be a very well spent couple of minutes!

How to Fold Bed Sheets: Video Series. The basic technique is very similar – but Karen Weisman takes it to a new level. There are tips based on sheet size. And for the extra-extra-neat viewers, you might enjoy learning how to use her “folding template” to ensure that the sheets fit perfectly in their allotted shelf or drawer space.

So go ahead, watch our videos, and conquer your linen closet. Let us know how it goes!

Photo Credit: .j.e.n.n.y.

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