Before Guests Arrive, Try a Minimalist Makeover

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I have been in home design for some 25 years now and have noticed that every so often people get the itch to change up their homes.  It always seems to happen this time of year, before friends and family start arriving for the holidays.

Some people do it in radical ways and move from a colonial house to a contemporary dwelling on a remote hillside. But smaller changes can also make a big difference. Deciding to create a  more minimalistic environment is a fresh way to redo your home without the expense of moving.


One of the best ways to start is by going thru all the clutter that seems to accumulate and PURGE!  Kids art from five years ago? Time to put that in a storage spot so that your kids can have it when it they have a home. My friend Tori Springer, a professional organizer, recommends labeling  oversized poly  bags that take little space and protect the artwork. If you’re having a hard time parting with their artwork, take it to a copy center and have them all scanned so you can create a digital scrapbook filled with memories.


Take a close look at your home with a critical eye. Is that sofa looking dated with the big scroll arms and ruffled skirt? Replacing it with a straight arm and nice wood leg could make your room seem bigger and less cluttered. If you don’t have the budget for a new sofa, consider updating the coffee table. Look for one with a shelf on the bottom so you can show case your coffee table books in neat piles, keeping the top clear.  It’s a relatively simple update that creates space and breathing room.


If you don’t want to replace your side chairs, then just find some great fabric to give them new life. A wonderful antique chair with a new bold coat of paint and fabric in a graphic pattern creates drama in your new space. Animal prints are so on trend and look fabulous combined with traditional pieces.

Wall Color

Lastly, look at wall color. No need to repaint the entire house, an accent wall can create a whole new environment. Don’t make the mistake of going too severe – a dark red wall in an otherwise neutral room can be overpowering. A slight variation of the color you already have can lend a bit of drama and make you feel like you have a whole new room.

Every room should have a WOW piece. Look for that as you create your new environment so every time you walk into your new room you say  “WOW, I love this room”!

Happy decorating!


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