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Rehabbing furniture is a fun way to express creativity, but it can also be easy to become stumped for ideas. Have an old clunker of your own that could definitely use a facelift, but you are clueless about where to start? Sometimes the big picture doesn’t hit you right away. Instead, inspiration can strike little by little. Let’s use this recent ottoman update project to work through how to overcome creative block in the furniture flipping department.

The before shot: A perfectly sturdy ottoman in need of a fresh look. With a little paint and simple reupholstery, this guy will be in good shape …

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Tip #1 — Start with the fabric. Once you find the perfect fabric that coordinates with other prints in your room, choosing paint colors is easy.

Tip #2 — Pull your favorite colors from the fabric swatch to use for the painted portion of the project. For this ottoman, I wanted to play up the subtle cherry red hints in the fabric along with the pale green.

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Tip #3 — Work with ideas as they come to you. Once the seat was reupholstered and the frame was painted, I still felt like something was missing. On a whim, I grabbed a roll of brown craft paper, tore one inch strips and attached them to the ottoman frame with Mod Podge. A simple way to add texture and character.

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By breaking the furniture rehabbing process down into steps, even the most daunting projects quickly become a breeze … and you’ll end up with a fabulously budget-friendly piece!

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— Cara Wilkerson writes the real estate and home improvement blog Live the Home Life

Photo Credits: Cara Wilkerson

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