8 Tips to Make Fall Cleaning Easier

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Everyone knows that their house deserves a good cleaning in the spring, but fall cleaning isn’t on most of our radars (even though it should be). In the summer we open up our windows and doors to nice weather and, inevitably, pollen and dust. We need to give our homes a good cleaning to get rid of all of that grime before the cold weather sets it and we seal up our homes for the winter. Here are some tips to help you save time and make your fall cleaning a little easier.

1. Decide to do your fall cleaning based on your cleaning style. We all have different cleaning styles. Some of us prefer to do it all in one day; others set aside small blocks of time. Make cleaning easier by figuring out what works best for you.

2. Create a checklist. Write down everything that needs attention so that you can check it off once it’s done to keep you on track and give you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Tumble dry curtains and pillows in the dryer to remove dust. Instead of washing, drying and ironing your curtains, put them directly in the dryer and tumble them for 15 minutes. This will remove the dust, pollen and even dust mites that are in the fabric.

4. Clean knick-knacks in the dishwasher. Skip the unnecessary dusting by placing small items that need dusting in the dishwasher. Check to make sure they won’t be damaged by hot water or detergent, then place them on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

5. Dust with your vacuum. Ditch the rag and spray bottle and use the dusting brush attachment on your vacuum. It reaches places a cloth can’t and keeps the dust from entering the air by capturing it inside the vacuum bag.

6. Place all your cleaning products in a bucket or caddy. You’ll be surprised how much time you save by not making frequent treks to and from the supply cabinet.

7. Wash all your bed linens and, if you can, hang them out on a clothes line to dry. Nothing smells better than sheets that have been dried outside in the sunshine. To save some time, dry the sheets in your dryer and make your own linen spray with vodka and a few drops of lavender oil to give your bed linens a lovely scent.

8. Use a dry microfiber mop to remove pollen and dust from your walls, ceilings and baseboards. The microfiber will catch and hold all the dust so you can clean quickly. If you have a large buildup of dust, spritz some water on the microfiber cover to ensure you get it all.

Photo credits: Leslie Reichert

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