8 Overlooked Cleaning Spots: How to Spring Clean the Sneaky Spots

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As the days grow longer and light streams into our homes, no matter how bright and cheery springtime makes us feel, we still have those dark corners that hide the crud.

I was asked to put my organizational skills to the test by attempting one of the Ziploc® Fresh 180 challenges, daring me to clean the deep, dark corners of my home, garage, car and life.

The Utensil Drawer

Have you ever stopped to really look into the corners of your utensil tray? It defies all logic to me how only clean utensils go into the tray but yet the corners of the tray are filled with crumbs, food, dirt and grime—ew!  Empty out your trays often to give them a good cleaning. Along with the spoons, knives and forks pop your trays into the dishwasher to get them scrubbed and sanitized.

The Pantry

As the weather gets warmer ant troops prepare to march into your pantry, hoping to find anything you may have dropped during the winter. A feast for the queen. To stop them in their tracks, get into those dark corners and remove all fallen crumbs and food items. And store bags of sugar, flour and rice in Ziploc® brand storage bags. You’ll seal in freshness while keeping those creepy crawlers out.

The Garage

My home is filled with athletes and my garage is filled with their stuff: shoes, bags, equipment, and dirt – lots of dirt. It almost feels as though the field comes home with my athletes. First, clean each and every piece of equipment to look like new. Sort the items used often with those that are less frequently abused (of course I mean “used”).  Place the often-used-shoes in covered plastic bins to protect them from falling dirt. Then, store the lesser-used-equipment in Ziploc® brand storage bags to keep them fresh and to keep spiders out.

The Car

The trunk of the car is a catch-all for my on-the-go brood.  It’s full of stuff we might need: umbrellas, tools, sports equipment, and in my case, a paint sample book or two (you never know when you’ll have an emergency paint question!).  Place larger items in a Ziploc® brand storage bag to keep them from rolling around—this also helps keep your trunk clean.

The center console in my car is basically an extension of my purse; tweezers, lip balm, makeup, scissors, pens, receipts, gym headphones, etc. The untrained hand could get hurt if it wasn’t careful reaching in there. Treat your car like the day you got it and place all of the potentially messy goodies in small Ziploc® brand snack bags to keep your console organized. Then, add a little car freshener under the seat and your ride is ready to go.

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.



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