6 Ways to Easily Pack a Dorm Room in Your Trunk

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As the school year comes to a close, I am so excited to have my daughter coming home for summer break!  Half a country away, she will have to drive her pickup truck from Dallas to California with her entire dorm room packed up in the back seat. I was asked to put my organizational skills to the test as I take inspiration from one of Ziploc®’s Fresh 180 challenges, Pack a Dorm Room in Your Trunk. This I can do. And, Sophia, read this carefully; this is a step-by-step guide from yours truly.

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Step 1:  Make a Clean Sweep

Just like my TLC show with the same title, put everything you own in the middle of the room (ideally when your roommate is in class) and start sorting.  Create “Toss and Keep” piles. Be realistic with your sorting and ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” “Will I wear this when I get home?” Realize you may want to change up your look when you get home and ditch the boring dorm/classroom gear for some cute beachwear. If you are sure you will not wear it again next school year, discard it. Once you have weeded through your stuff, bag up the items and donate to a local shelter.


Step 2:  Return Classroom Books

Do your parents a huge favor and return those books for which we might get some money back. Do you really want that Macro Economics book to put on the shelves at home?  Keep the literary books and return the classroom books. (We all know there will be a new edition next semester anyway.)  Weed out the old paper, notes and folders and pack up anything you will use again next year.


Step 3: Store Winter Items 

Pack all of the winter items into Ziploc® Brand Space Bags to save space in your suitcases and to keep it fresh for next fall. If you are “over” the bedding, then everything you bought to match it should be donated too.


Step 4: Organize Gadgets and Appliances 

Let’s look at everything that plugs in: microwave, TV, computer, phone charger, lamps, bed lights, coffee maker. Now, which appliances worked great for you? Which gadgets did you really use? What came with the dorm that you can’t take with you anyway?  Be realistic in what you are going to haul home, keeping in mind that whatever comes home with you will likely have to be hauled back during the fall. Keep those items that are still useful and functioning and donate the rest.


Step 5: Bag Up the Small Stuff  

Grab some Ziploc® Brand storage bags and start emptying the drawers. Throw out trash but keep the pens, lip glosses, change, ear phones, paperclips and flash drives. Gather all of your left over toiletries and seal them tight.


Step 6: Collect Your Shoes

Put all of your shoes and boots in large Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags. Put all those bags in your clothes hamper and away you go.

First year down, dear daughter—you should be very proud. Now go return those books, fill up your gas tank and get home! We have a beach to lie on together.


Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.

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