5 Interesting Ways to Display Art in Your Home

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Art in your home is important, but where you place that art is just as important. Art pieces can draw attention to specific areas in each room, and placement can make a space feel large or even small. By simply changing where you feature your art, you can create a whole new feel in your home.


1. Place art on the floor. This is one of my favorite design movements. By placing art on the floor, you are able to fill and use a lot more of your space. And it’s renter-friendly, too. Art can easily be layered by leaning the pieces against a wall. Use varying heights to draw the eye in.


2. Place art on a picture ledge. Similar to leaning art on the floor, this technique allows for a full and stacked feel and gives immediate interest to the room. Modernize this trend by using a long, single ledge.

3. Go for a gallery wall. Gallery walls showcase an array of art you own. Choose varying yet coordinating frames to increase visual interest. Gallery walls can be small, big, symmetrical or asymmetrical. No matter the size or overall shape you chose, place the center of the grouping at eye level and work your way out from there.


4. Try a single frame. Just as a gallery wall can make a statement, so can a single framed piece. A small piece of art hung on a large wall can make a huge impact. Use this method to display a favorite, singular piece of work.

5. Pay attention to placement. You can manipulate a room to look larger or smaller, depending on where you hang items. Hang a succession of photos vertically to make a room look taller or horizontally to make a room look wider.

Mix it up. Use each of these techniques to increase visual interest in your home.

Photo credits: Simply Grove, Skona Hem, Fashion Squad, The Interior Collective

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