4 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug for Your Kitchen

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Add a rug to your kitchen

I am all about comfort and warmth. If I feel cold in my own home, I become agitated. Rugs can instantly add an extra ounce of both comfort and warmth to your home and its decor. Adding a rug to your kitchen can complete the space and make it cozy and stylish, and adding a bright rug can bring in personality and style. Unless you are super brave and paint your cabinets a bright color, you are most likely dealing with neutral cabinets.

An accessory like a rug can bring in color without requiring you to spend a lot of money. If this is a look you are jiving with, here are a few tips to find the right rug for your kitchen.

Add a bright rug to your kitchen.

1. Pick the perfect spot. Where do you spend most of your time in the kitchen? For me it’s in front of my sink, so naturally I would choose that area. Maybe you have a large walking area in your kitchen. Place your rug in a central location so that it can provide cushion for several areas. Runners work well in galley kitchens and smaller kitchens.

bright rug in kitchen

2. Choose the right weave. A rug made from wool or synthetic materials has a low pile. Low-pile rugs are more stain-resistant than other weaves. Also, you can clean them easily with soap and water. Ease of clean-up should definitely be a consideration, especially for those rugs beneath the sink or near the refrigerator and stove. Kitchen rugs that you can throw in the washing machine whenever they get dirty take work out of kitchen clean-up.

bright rug in kitchen

3. Thicker is more comfortable. You’ll need cushion between the hard floor and your feet for comfort. The soft barrier also insulates your feet from cold tile, hardwood, linoleum and ceramic floors. No one wants to be in pain while doing the dishes!

bright rug in kitchen

4. Let your rug tell a story. Choose a rug that will add beauty to your kitchen. Kitchens tend to be sterile and boring. A rug can add character and personality and tie a color scheme together. Like I said before, choose the rug to add color. It’s the easiest accessory to change out when you become bored with those specific colors.

Cheers to making your kitchen comfy, cozy and cool!

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