3 Ways to Style Grocery Store Budget Blooms

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Market blooms are an affordable and stylist addition to the table

Whether you’re planning ahead for Mother’s Day or are simply excited about spring finally blooming, you’re not alone if you have flowers on the brain. But what if the idea of designing a springtime arrangement with the local florist leaves you feeling stretched extra thin? Happily, DIY flower centerpieces aren’t nearly as intimidating as they sound — or as pricey! This season, I challenged myself to come up with three different ways to style grocery store budget blooms and came away with one sweet smelling and stylish home as proof that it is possible!

A large bunch of flowers in a single vase acts as a focal point

The first and perhaps most obvious tactic is to plop the entire bunch into a vase. I personally tend to gravitate towards eclectic color and a range of shapes, so wildflowers are my favorite. But go with your gut — if you prefer a more controlled look, pick out just a couple of varieties instead!

To give the arrangement your own personal touch, take the time to complete one extra step. Start by separating each stem on a flat, clean work surface by type and then layer them into the vase one by one. This ultimately allows you a little more control over the finished look. Another tip — place your sturdiest stems first, and work your way into the center with progressively more delicate flowers. A tweak or two here and there, and you’ll have an organic, collected looking arrangement in no time, without calling in a costly pro.

For spring, choose warm colored flowers accented by something unexpected, like purple

Because this centerpiece packs such wow factor, keep the rest of the dishes neutral

Another way to make at-home flower arranging a little less intimidating is to limit your color palette. By choosing just one or two colors, you increase the odds of creating a centerpiece that feels both chic and stylish. To get the look in my own studio, I pulled all of the white and yellow buds from my store-bought bouquet and added them into a low, wide pot filled with water. Scattering pops of yellow throughout the arrangement created tons of dimension and excitement. And it didn’t cost me an extra dime — just an extra ten minutes!

A vase of like-colored flowers dresses up a desktop

Yellow, white and green flowers are perfect for the spring season

A closeup of the arrangement highlights the variety in shape and scale

A low pot made for the garden can easily be repurposed as a tabletop vase

Finally, and this is absolutely the simplest styling of all, I created a few bud vase arrangements. I use the term “arrangement” here lightly though, because it literally constituted trimming the prettiest flowers from the bunch and sticking them into three tiny, paper-wrapped bottles. Set them on a stack of books, your guest’s nightstand or on the windowsill for actually effortless style that won’t break the bank — or your back.

Snipped buds are placed into tiny vases

A variety of colors make these arrangements interesting

These bud vases got a makeover with scrapbook paper cut to size and twine

Carrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog, Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy Carrie Waller.

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