27 Tools For Holiday Cleaning

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It’s time to start cleaning up for the holidays. Here is a checklist of everything you’ll need to be organized for cleaning.

Microfiber cloths — Have an assortment of different styles for different surfaces.

Apron — Pick one with lots of pockets. A contractor’s apron would be perfect.

Dust mop — Use this if you don’t have a microfiber mop.

Music with headphones — Get a play list of your favorite music. This will make cleaning fun!

Old credit cards — Great for scraping off touch dirt without scratching.

Flat Razor blade scraper — For removing paint, gum and other tough spills.

Plastic bags — For dirty rags and cloths.

Empty laundry basket — For magazines, papers or items that need to get thrown out.

New Paintbrush — These are great for getting into tough areas that the vacuum can’t reach.  Also use it for dusting pleated lampshades.

Concentrated all-purpose cleaner — Find one that has a nice scent for the fall.

Extension dusters — So you can get hard to reach areas, like ceiling fans and cathedral ceilings.


Microfiber mop with extra covers — This mop will make washing the walls a snap.

Spray bottles — So you can mix up your own simple cleaners.

Paper towels

Canister vacuum cleaner with a full set of attachments –You will want to have a floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool.

Gloves — So you can protect yourself from harsh chemicals.

Scrub brushes – Collect some in different sizes.

Tooth brush — They are great for cleaning around fixtures in the bathroom.

Broom — Brooms are mainly used outside the house to clear dirt and leaves before they come into the house.

Powdered cleanser- Use on tough stains on counters or in tubs and showers.

Dish soap – Just a drop or two in a cleaner can boost its cleaning power.

Supply caddy — To carry your cleaning products from room to room.

Pumice stone- A perfect way to remove rings in toilets or mineral buildup on porcelain.

Eraser Sponges — These sponges work great in showers that have glass doors. They are good for scuffs on walls.

Feather duster – Great for dusting the tops of books and in places you can reach.

Cotton baby diapers — Use the standard diapers for cleaning – the pre-folded are too bulky.

Now you are ready to set aside a few days and concentrate on getting your home clean for the holidays.

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