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I want to talk about the Ozersky All-Meat Team. I’m a guy that’s spent years eating in parking lots, cooking on everything from $20,000 grills to overturned shopping carts. I am the self-appointed “maharajah of meat,” and I know what a tailgate needs.

So, I got together with partner Mike Weaver to shoot a must-see video. We broke down the meats any serious fantasy footballer wants on the asphalt in the hours before, during, and after the big game.

We’ve got every position covered: speed and agility with our special teams breakfast players, including bacon and scrapple; sheer physical strength and force with beef short ribs, whose rich, fatty, unctuous brute force can blast through jaded appetites, cold weather, and anything else that gets in its way.

We’ve got blue-chip prospects ranging from burgers to brisket, and even better, we’ve got the way to cook up them for maximum meaty effect.

These aren’t porterhouse steaks, rib lamb chops, or pork tenderloins, either. These are the off-cuts, the variety meats, the workhorses that you need to feed a dozen or so men — angry, drunken men. It takes brains, it takes toughness, and it takes a willingness to grapple with every part of an edible animal to make a great tailgate. We break down all the key meats you’re looking at, from every angle. …

  • Upside: How is it going to be an hour later, or the next morning?
  • Coachability: Is this a meat that can work well with a wide variety of cooks
  • Athleticism: Is the marbling there you need to see? Will the bones hold up? How tough or tender is that meat?
  • Intangibles: Does this meat just make you stop and sigh?
  • Competitiveness. Will this meat step up when you and your buddies are hungry?

Are you ready to Tailgate the Josh Ozersky way? Then step up and check out a preview to our All-Meat Team tailgating special.

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