Have Your Beer — and Eat It, Too!

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“What do you do for a living?” is always a hard question to answer when the response is “I cook with beer.” There are always puzzled expressions and follow-up questions, and to be honest, I’ll never get tired of that.

After spending years in South Central Los Angeles teaching anger management skills to gang members, I needed a change. I had a moment of courage and clarity and decided to follow my dream, follow my passions, and it lead me here.

I wanted to work with craft beer, but I didn’t brew. However, I loved the craft beer community and wanted to find my place. I’ve always had a passion for food and photography and decided that was what I had to offer. I started TheBeeroness.com, giving everything I had to it.

Just over a year ago I turned my first cookbook into my publisher, exhausted but proud of what I’d made. In October of last year I was able to see The Craft Beer Cookbook on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. I was so thrilled I almost cried.

Cooking with beer isn’t just a novelty — there are practical and important reasons to bring beer into your kitchen. Beer is a fantastic meat tenderizer, which explains that beer can chicken recipe you’ve probably rolled your eyes at. Beer is also a leavening agent, making cakes and bread tender and amazing. And let’s not forget those fantastic flavors brewers spend so much time developing!

I’ll be posting here on the eHow blog about cooking with beer and how to use it to its full potential. I am here to help you make impressive recipes that are easy to master at any skill level while using beer as a star ingredient.

So maybe “Cooking With Beer” isn’t on the drop-down menu on Career Builder, and maybe it’s a strange thing to dedicate your life to; but I’ll never stop being grateful for the job I have.

I’ll never stop trying to figure out, “How can I get beer into this recipe?”

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