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Our own Evette Rios makes her debut on The Chew this afternoon — the new daytime food talk show hosted by culinary heavyweights like Mario Batali and Michael Symon. Evette will be a reporting correspondent, covering food, entertaining and design stories around the country. Today’s segment — which I was lucky enough to see earlier that the super-fun live taping — features some awesome and cheap room makeover tips.

We caught up with Evette and got the scoop on what it’s like to be on a national talk show.


What was your most memorable behind-the-scenes moment from filming The Chew?

We have all been working on launching The Chew for a while now, and it’s been really amazing experience! When we taped the pilot for the show, we had Paula Deen as a surprise guest, and Paula made us her famous Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers. Yes, a donut and a cheese burger. It’s a nice thin burger, with a fried egg, cheese AND mayo sandwiched between 2 Krispy Kreme donuts. It was so good, as Paula would say, “it’ll make your tongue want to slap your brains.”

What’s one great tip you picked up from the hosts?

I have always considered myself to be someone who knows their way around a kitchen but working with the likes of Mario, Michael, Danny and Carla has taught me a thing or two. From Mario I learned that I only need 3 good knives, a 4” paring knife, a serrated knife, and an 8” chef’s knife, no need to splurge on the giant block of knives (and no room for it in my New York kitchen anyway). From Michael I learned to use olives in my dishes brine and all, from Danny I learned that adding butter to your olive oil in a pan keeps the oil from burning and from Carla I learned that store-bought Mirepoix, a combination of onions, carrots and celery makes a great base for any dish!

Can you give us a sneak peek at a food trend you’ll be covering?

I will also be delving lots into my own food background, relearning Latin recipes that have been lost in my family over time and through that process helping others rediscover their own family recipes. With more than 50 million Latinos in America, Latin food is a huge trend! But I think the biggest trend is the movement towards more basic, home-made, simple foods. We are all living on a lot less than we were a few years ago so now people are interested in getting the most flavor and nutrition they can from everything they put on their table. Simple, flavorful food will be where it’s at, and where I’m at!

I know there’s been some controversy abou The Chew replacing All My Children. What are your thoughts?

As a Latina, I know how important Telenovelas are culturally, I grew up on them! And the soaps are no different. I am sad to see All My Children go, but I think what has happened is a cultural shift, people just weren’t watching like they used to. And TV is obligated to give people what they want. People lead busy lives and are now pulled in so many directions that they need tips and takeaway rather than pure entertainment, that’s where The Chew is really going to shine!

Got a story for Evette about a food trend in your town? Leave a comment, and it might just end up on the air!


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