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Lisa Gulley is a former personal trainer, group fitness instructor, marathon runner and founder of Workout Mommy is a health and fitness blog established in August 2007 and  created to inspire and motivate readers to get fit and maintain overall health. Lisa is a certified personal trainer with NASH, HKC, and AFAA.  She is the mother of four kids and a self-proclaimed “workout junkie.”

Do you remember when you first committed to a workout routine? What was it? How long did it last? How did your routine develop from it?  

Yes, I was getting married and wanted to get in shape for my honeymoon cruise, so I joined a gym and started going to a step aerobics class at 5:30 a.m. I ended up falling in love with the class and the group of friends I made there, which actually led me to becoming an instructor myself.

If you had to do one workout for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

Strength-training circuits. I LOVE the empowering feeling of lifting weights combined with the cardio element of doing quick circuits.

Have you ever had people in your life who weren’t supportive of your fitness goals? How did you deal with that?

Yes. Unfortunately my now ex-husband was never a fan of my dedication to fitness. He did not understand that I needed that mental release of anxiety each day and instead told me I was being selfish. I dealt with it by sticking with my goals and knowing that taking care of myself was the best thing I could do for my children. My kids are all very active and frequently ask me to go running or do some lunges with them! :)

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes maintaining your workout routine?

Time. I have four young kids who are very active in sports and school, etc. If I don’t schedule it in and MAKE the time for my workouts, they just don’t happen.

Do you ever get bored working out? How do you deal with that?

Yes, there are days when I dread it. On those days, I tell myself that I just need to do something for 15 minutes. If I am still miserable when those 15 minutes are up, then I let myself quit the workout. That almost never happens.

Finish this sentence: food and exercise…

Go hand in hand. You cannot out-train a bad diet!

What do you do for fun?

I like to go hiking and go to the beach.

What do you think is the biggest fitness error?

That MORE is better. I spent years pounding the pavement running two times per day and then taking fitness classes in between. Now I have aching injuries that I know are a result of doing too much. Think quality over quantity. You can still get a great workout in 20 minutes and you should not be pushing yourself to the max every single day.

Do you take any supplements? What are they? What do they do?

No. I probably should, but I have a terrible memory and would definitely forget to take them.

What’s your take on off days?

They are critical. Your body needs time to recover. At the same time, I hate them. I really feel “antsy” on those days, so I try and do more calming exercises, such as leisure walking and light yoga.

What about “cheat days?”

I prefer to sprinkle in various cheat items over the course of a week vs. planning a whole meal (or day) devoted to those cheat food items.

If you could get one piece of fitness advice across to your readers, what would it be?

Consistency beats intensity every single time. Keep working toward your goals and if you hit a road bump, just keep on going and don’t give up.

Quick Hits:

After you work out: protein shake or real food? Real food.

Leg day: squats or dead lifts? Deadlifts!

Would you rather go vegetarian for a week or gluten free for a week?  Vegetarian.

Cheat day: Cheeseburger or chocolate shake? Chocolate shake.

You’re trapped on a deserted island with one thing. What is it? A flare gun!

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