One Exercise That is Guaranteed to Torch the Fat!

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Ready to blast that stubborn fat?  Lace up your shoes and SPRINT!   Yes,  that means to run (or bike, row, etc.)  like a bear is chasing you.   Here are three reasons why sprinting is a fantastic way to burn the body fat:

1. Sprints are short, yet effective!   Why run for an hour when you can burn as many calories in just 25 minutes? Running on a treadmill at minimal effort while you are watching a movie is going to give you minimal results.  If you want to burn the fat and calories, you need to step up that intensity and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

2. Sprints can be done anywhere and with anyone.  You don’t need a fancy gym or equipment for sprints.  You can use a local high school track or just find a long stretch of road where you can safely run.  I take my kids to the park and do hill sprints while they play on the playground.  Sometimes, they even join in on the fun!


3. Sprints are great for ab definition:  Although abs are primarily made in the kitchen,  sprints target your entire midsection  and help make your abs look more tight and defined. It’s a win-win!

Try these sample track workouts  (I reference running, but  you can sub in ANY type of cardio), and let me know how you feel. Do not forget a full warm-up first!

Workout #1:  200 repeats:  Run 200 meters (half a lap) at full effort, then walk/jog the rest of the lap.  Aim for four to six full laps. 

Workout #2:   Run/bike/row for 20 seconds at all-out effort and then rest for 30 seconds.  Repeat this eight to 10 times, depending on your fitness level. Rest does not mean stop — you still keep moving but at a walking (or slow) pace.

Workout #3 (Advanced):   Add some lunges to up your intensity!


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