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What Beverage Should I Order? Coffee Shop Edition


Have you ever wandered into a coffee shop thinking you knew exactly what you wanted and then POW – it hits you. All senses are on high-alert. The smell of the traditional roast with a mix of sweet and spicy cinnamon hugs you, the tantalizing images of frothy, foamy latte art gets you excited, and the menu overflowing with a variety of options that you didn’t even know existed has got your mind reeling the possibilities. It’s overwhelming and we, the baristas, don’t blame you.

As a barista for close to 5 years, I can tell you anything and everything you’d want to know about the beverages on the menu at my coffee shop (and just about any other coffee shop, too). But even with that knowledge, I, too, would sometimes get stumped on what delicious drink I wanted to enjoy that day. Not to worry though, there is a simple and fun Q&A game that always leads you to the right decision.

Breathe in the sweet aroma and answer the questions below to get to the bottom of the most important question you might be asking yourself all day, “What drink should I order?”


Designer: Michael Nielsen

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