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The Price of a Gallon for 18 Common Liquid Products

Everyone agrees gasoline is pretty expensive, right? This morning, a gallon of unleaded cost me $3.53 in Long Beach, California. Maybe a tad high, but compared to other liquids by the gallon, a steal. If we had to buy the following 18 common liquids at a gallon a pop, $3.53 for gas would seem like a bargain…

Unleaded gasoline
1 gallon: $3.53 (as of today in Long Beach, CA)

Budweiser Beer (regular)
1 gallon: $10.24

Clorox regular concentrated bleach
1 gallon: $12.44

Windex glass cleaner
1 gallon: $19.20

Coffee-mate creamer (photo:
1 gallon: $23.04

Red red bull drink (sugar free)
1 gallon: $24.32

Enfamil infant formula
1 gallon: $25.60

Head & Shoulders (classic formula)
1 gallon: $37.12

Tabasco Sauce (original)
1 gallon: $40.95

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (The Rooster!)
1 gallon: $48.64

Grapeseed Oil (Now Foods)
1 gallon: $69.12

Robitussin DM
1 gallon: $128

McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract (photo:
1 gallon: $101.52

Liquid Paper
1 gallon: $198.40

Canon Printer Ink, Black (PG-240XL)
1 gallon: $839.60

Cover Girl Nail Polish, Outlast Stay Brilliant (photo:
1 gallon: $1,310.72

Patchouli Oil (Now Foods)
1 gallon: $1,411.84

Chanel No. 5 (Eau de Parfum, bottle)
1 gallon: $677,588.39

The prices above were adjusted to meet a full gallon at their current retail list prices. All images GettyImages except where noted.

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