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Seattle Woman Eats and Drinks Nothing But Starbucks for all of 2013

How much do you love Starbucks? Not just the coffee—I mean everything: the breakfast sandwiches, the cookies, the bagels, the egg salad—EVERYTHING.

If you’re Beautiful Existence (yes, her real name), you love Starbucks so much, your entire 2013 sustenance is made up of the food and beverages sold at the coffee shop. She even used Starbucks coffee cup holders to create the Starbucks mermaid logo for her Halloween costume.

Why did she do it? “I am fearless and I wanted to explore new things in my life,” the 40-year-old mom-of-two told the Daily Mail. “I love to test the water and each time I challenge myself, I learn a lot.”

This isn’t the first time she’s given herself a yearlong challenge. In 2011, she challenged herself to buy non-perishables only from Goodwill thrift stores. In 2012, she followed every parental tip published in Parents magazine. It’s now become her annual New Year’s challenge to herself.  (She says she’s planned out challenges for the next 20 years.)  For her 2014 challenge, Existence is going to learn every recreational sport REI caters to—over 80 sports in all.

An interesting way to challenge yourself, for sure. The only downfall I see in it (besides depriving yourself of the kind of awesome food you can’t find at Starbucks) is the amount of money one would have to spend to pull this off. Existence spend between $500 and $600 a month on food and drinks. By the end of the challenge, she spent $4,000 beyond the average adult woman spends on a year’s supply of groceries.

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