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One Suit, Five Looks

The average guy probably only wears a suit on special occasions and leaves it hanging in the closet the rest of the time. This is a horrible way to treat a fine piece of clothing, so let me show you a few ways you can get more mileage out of your Sunday best.

This suit from HE By Mango only cost me $180 on sale and you can see below how often I get to use it. I highly recommend the Tie Bar for great deals on ties, pocket squares and other accessories that are usually overpriced in stores.

Some days it’s just too hot for a tie, but you still need to pull off a somewhat formal look. It’s OK to ditch the tie and loosen up a button or two (three if you’re going to Miami or southern Europe). Same goes for if you’ve been wearing a tie all day and just want to free yourself up a bit before you meet your buddies at the local watering hole as you segue from the daily grind to a more casual state of mind.

Got a bunch of places to be on a Saturday and need a versatile outfit that’ll work for any occasion? This is it. Chinos, gingham shirt, wing tips and your suit jacket and you’re ready to infiltrate any social gathering out there. Throw in a pocket square and you’ve just elevated yourself to another level. Congratulations, the training wheels just came off.

If denim is your thing you can pull it off if you just stick to a few ground rules. Make sure the jeans are slim-fit or straight leg; you don’t want anything baggy below the jacket. Don’t go for the unbuttoned look if you’re wearing an undershirt. Finally, don’t wear bright white sneakers. Just don’t. In other words, don’t wear what Jerry Seinfeld wore in this clip.

If you do want to wear sneakers, make sure everything else is super casual. Nothing says fashion fail more than being stuck in between dressed up and casual. Wear a cool sweater or just a t-shirt and add the jacket to get a fun and stylish look.


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