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How Long Can You Eat Eggs After the Sell By Date?

We’ve all been there before. You woke up hungry after an all-nighter, and the only thing on your mind is making an omelet stuffed with cheese, bacon, and cheese–with a side of bacon). But as you reach into the refrigerator and grab the egg carton, you see its sell-by date and your eggs are expired by a day–one day! You were so close to omelet heaven. Do you risk it? How long can you use those eggs after the sell-by date?

According to the Washington-based Egg Safety Center, those dates you see are just guides for grocery stores so employees know how long the product can stay on the shelves. Actually, a raw egg is good for about 3 to 5 weeks after the date you bought them (assuming they’ve been refrigerated the entire time you’ve had them and they’re not fractured or anything).

That said, I keep a Sharpie by my fridge so I can scribble the date I bought my eggs on their carton. One last tip–if you happen to have a lot more eggs than you’ll ever use before they go bad, you can freeze ’em–here’s how.

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