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4 Ways to Score Big Points with Your Wife


Sports aren’t the only activity in which points are scored. Marriages also involve point scoring from time to time, although no one would try turning the institution into a fantasy league. The stakes are too high, and there’s not much in it for the losing “team.”

Let’s face it. Sometimes a husband makes a marriage gaffe and would like nothing more than a mulligan. You can’t replay a down in football without a penalty flag, nor can you turn back time, Doc Brown style, and fix the past.

What husbands can do, though, is score a few healthy points with their wives. It might sound calculating, but it’s ultimately about resetting your marriage’s delicate balance and keeping both partners happy.

And, when done with love and heartfelt intentions, she’ll be too happy to check the scoreboard.

1. When You’re Sorry, Say You’re Sorry… and Mean It
This comes with a caveat. Owning up to a mistake you didn’t make is wrong and can set an unhealthy precedent for future disagreements. Other fights are murkier and harder to sort out. It’s the classic he said/she said, and sometimes neither party will walk away happy with the outcome. It’s here where being magnanimous can score husbands serious points and bring a disagreement to a speedier resolution.

2. Skip the Flowers
How many husbands have rushed to the local florist after committing a marital faux pas? It’s a cliché even if it occasionally works. Why not try something different to patch things over? Have her favorite food delivered to her desk at work, the more obscure, the better. Arrange for a singing telegram to warble your feelings to her (yes, they still exist). Buy her that cool little tech gadget she’s been dying to pick up but keeps forgetting. Whatever shows that you not only care, but remember the small details will hit home with her.

3. Spontaneous Pedicures
Sometimes women would love to get away with their girlfriends for a communal pedicure, but they feel too guilty leaving the family alone for an afternoon. Don’t give her a choice. Arrange it all for her ahead of time. Better yet, contact her best friend and let her join in the cuticle pushing pageantry. She’ll love that you thought of her. Better yet, you did all the heavy lifting ahead of time, and she can just go and enjoy herself without a shadow of guilt.

4. Give Her a Card Without a Reason
Some fellas get bent out of shape buying cards for Valentine’s Day or other “Hallmark holidays.” They may have a point, but a well-chosen card still makes a difference. Want an even better idea? Try this one: Give your wife a card for no reason whatsoever. Find the funniest/silliest card you can, and then pen a variation of “thinking of you” inside while reminding her of a small but potent moment from your shared past.

Photo credit: Nicki Varkevisser via Flickr

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