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Five Weird Things People Are Pinning on Pinterest This Month

Oh, Easter. You’re so all over the place. Somehow, you pack a resurrection, a rabbit and an abundance of pastel-colored, dead-eyed marshmallow chicks into one holiday, and then we hide colored eggs. On Pinterest, the Internet’s version of a window to our soul, Easter just gets weirder.

Easter Dogs
Yep, this is a thing–costuming dogs for Easter. And what are we dressing up our pooches as this holiday? Bunnies–almost always bunnies. Do the pups seem to mind? Maybe a bit–this little chihuahua pictured here looks a bit miffed, but they’re probably OK if you limit the floppy ears to once a year. (Maybe twice, I forgot Halloween.) Photo: WeHeartIt

Peeps Dress
Put aside the fact that you’d be wearing a dress made of sugar-coated marshmallows: check out the neckline on this thing! We’re all for showing some spring skin but this dress will offer up way more than a peep. Photo: ConcordCottage

Sadistic Bunnies
Surely this was pinned ironically, but the question is: Who would send their child to these bunnies in the first place? Oh, the nightmares these photos will spawn. Photos: MyOrganizedChaos

Bunny Poo
Wait, what? Since when are the hidden baskets and eggs not enough? Kids won’t believe the Bunny made a visit without a leave-behind? By the way, we don’t recommend this trick–it’s cute and the kids would love it, but don’t chance your plumbing for a good laugh. Photo: imgur

Jesus Cake
The baker had good intentions when this cake was being made, and the craftsmanship is incredible, but who would be comfortable in cutting into it? And if it’s red velvet inside–well, that would only make things worse… Photo: UnusualLife/Jo David

And here are some of the less bizarre–yet still very awesome–Easter items that we’re pinning to our Pinterest boards

Star Wars Easter Eggs
Incredible hand control on the graphics of these eggs. It’s a shame they might eventually get cracked open.

DIY Bunny Ears
You can buy pre-made bunny ears and they’ll all probably look the same: pastel, fuzzy, and unoriginal. Why not craft your own with wire and multi-colored tape.

Upcycled Paper Bag Easter Basket
A true work of art. Start building yours now though–there’s a learning curve in getting the weaving just right.

Easter Egg Tree
When it comes to centerpieces for your Easter brunch, how perfect would this look on your table. Tip: This craft is a lot easier to make than it looks like from this photo–so easy, even the kids can help.

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