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8 Revealing Social Media Habits and What They Say About You

Do you secretly tweet from the bathroom? Are you a habitual emoticon user? What you do on Facebook and other platforms reveals more than you think. If you see yourself in any of these actions, researchers say your usage speaks way louder than you do.

1. You tweet or use Facebook in the bathroom. (Just admit it.)
You’re more likely to be aged 18-24, according to this Nielsen study. A whopping 40 percent of all 18- to 24-year-olds tweeted from the bathroom compared to the average 21 percent. Incidentally, the same study found that those aged 25-34 were more likely to use social media in restaurants (rude), and 48% of mothers with kids under 13 do so from the car (doesn’t sound safe).

2. You use TONS of emoticons.
This actually means you’re more likely to be introverted, according to the same UPenn study. Researchers put together a word cloud that showed extraverts using more words and phrases like “party,” “great night” and “hit me up,” while a word cloud for introverts features way more emoticons… and references to anime and other Japanese media. Gif: MOFY Nation

3. You post stuff on your kid’s timeline like “good luck” and “well done.”
You’re more likely talking to your son than your daughter. (Sorry, feminists.) This study published by Facebook Data Science found that parents tend to use more diminutive language when speaking daughters — such as “my beautiful daughter,” “love you baby,” “aww,” “my princess” — while comments to sons included more words like “good luck,” “well done,” “call me” and “be careful.”

4. Your Facebook posts often refer to sports, the beach, or your weekend.
You’re more likely to be emotionally stable, according to this study by University of Pennsylvania, which used a sample of 75,000 Facebook users to predict gender and personality. On the flip side, those ranked more “neurotic” on their personality test tended to post less about events, and more about being “stressed” or “annoyed.”

5. You message people on dating sites using netspeak.
If you message someone for the first time on a dating site using words like “u,” “r”, “ya,” “wat,” you’re less likely to get a reply, says OKCupid. Clean up your English to increase your chances.

6. You tweet in the morning.
This is when you are happiest, says a study conducted by Cornell University of over a half a billion tweets. Sadly, as the day wears on, your mood tends to wane.

7. You post a lot on your love interest’s timeline.
You’re more likely to be courting or at the very beginning of relationship, say the folks at Facebook Data Science, who looked people’s behavior before and after changing their status from “single” to “in a relationship.” Once you’re 100 days in, timeline posts tend to decline. (That said, you might just be marking your territory with strategic love posts to let your love interest’s potential suitors know they’re “off the market.”)

8. You send a friend request to your parent.
People who friend their parents on Facebook are more likely to be in their late 40s or older, according to the same Facebook study as above. The highest number of people friend their parents in their early teens, with the lowest around age 20, but then it picks up dramatically again starting in the late 40s. Be careful with this one. Photo: BTS Communications

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