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7 Brand New Laws for 2014: Learn ‘em, Know ‘em, Live ‘em

New year, new laws—nearly 40,000 new laws to be exact. The majority of them will never affect you (example: the paparazzi is banned from photographing celebs’ kids), while others—the 7 below—could very well be in your life every day.

Placentas Go Home
If you live in Oregon and you just gave birth in a hospital, you’re now allowed to take your placenta home. What you do with said placenta after that is your own business, but the popular thing to do within the trendy parent set is to eat it.

Minimum Wage Raises
New York and Rhode Island require employers to pay its staff $8 per hour, New Jersey $8.25, and Connecticut at $8.70. California gets bumped to $9 on July 1 (and $10 on January 1, 2016). This would have been nice when I was tossing pizza at $3.35.

No Kids in the Tanning Booths
Illinois and Texas put a ban on people 18-and-under from indoor tanning sessions in an attempt to lessen the risk of skin cancer. This is probably a good thing.

Carded at the Voting Booth
Voters in Arkansas and Virginia will now be required to show a photo ID when they vote in an effort to reduce voter fraud. Opponents of the law say ID “disenfranchise” minority voters, but this one seems to make sense.

Gender Identity
California schools are now required to allow kindergarten-through-grade 12 students to play the sports they feel are most “consistent with his or her gender.” In short, students can sign up for any sport they want to play, regardless of their gender at birth. Same goes for bathroom and locker room usage.

Sharks Safe in Delaware
It’s now illegal to sell, distribute, or possess shark fins in Delaware. As gruesome as it sounds, shark fins are considered a delicacy to some and the main ingredient in shark fin soup. Essentially, a shark’s fin is sliced off and the body is thrown back in the ocean as waste. Delaware becomes the sixth state to adopt this law.

Colorado Legalizes It
If you’re 21, you can buy up to one ounce of taxed recreational marijuana from a licensed retailer. The Centennial State becomes the first ever to legalize it. It also looks like Washington state will be next very soon.

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