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5 Ways to Love Baseball… When You Really Don’t

Giants vs. Royals World Series

Ahh, the World Series, the time of year that faithful baseball fans live for. For the rest of us, we’re left wondering who we can safely ask “What’d you do last night?” without being subjected… er, treated, to the entire rundown of a three-hour game. Fortunately, with one or two games left in the World Series, there’s still time to get swept away by baseball fever. Fake it til you make it with these tips:

1. Get to know the back-story of the teams.
Did you know the Kansas City Royals haven’t been the to World Series since 1985? Or that this is the San Francisco Giant’s third World Series in five years? Or that they were both wild card picks, making them a pretty unexpected match? Even the most begrudging baseball hater can find something interesting in this match-up. With one team desperate to bring home a title they haven’t seen in almost 30 years, and the other desperate to claim the “dynasty” buzzword being held over their heads, this particular World Series is sure to have a dramatic ending.

2. Throw a game party and make amazing snacks.
This could also fall under the heading of “How to make anything fun.” Invite all your die-hard baseball lovin’ friends, tell them to bring their favorite six-pack, whip up some Pinterest-worthy snacks, and bam! You’re a baseball fan. Or at least, all your friends will wish you were, because that would mean more awesome baseball parties.

3. Make it a drinking game.
When in doubt, just make it a drinking game. There are a few floating around out there, so feel free to pick and choose your favorite rules, some of which might be: drink when Eric Hosmer is on screen, when announcers mention it’s the Giants’ third Series in five years, when the announcers find a way to mention Derek Jeter, or someone says “wild card.” You’ll love baseball in no time flat.

4. Pick a team and cheer like your life depended on it.
Now now now, before the “bandwagon fan!” accusations begin, I’m not suggesting that we’re all going to be repping jerseys and naming our firstborns Bumgarner after cheering for the Giants for a few games. There’s no way any “bandwagon fan” can feel the incredible joy true Royals fans feel after waiting 29 years for their team to step it up again, or the bitter disappointment the fans of the losing team will feel this week. However, randomly selecting a team to cheer for is certainly a lot more fun than sulking on the couch while your partner or roomie refuses to let you change the channel. Find an orange or blue shirt, cheer when the other fans cheer, and hit the couch in anger when that stupid other team scores.

5. Stop trying to make baseball happen. It’s never going to happen!
Alright, for those of you who remain unconvinced that America’s Greatest Pastime could be anything more than a great snoozefest, it’s okay for you to give up your spot on the couch (or bar!) and retire for a marathon of Sons of Anarchy, Gilmore Girls, or whatever it is you find more interesting than the latest from AT&T Park and Kauffman Stadium. Your baseball-fan friends will thank you for not asking “What just happened? Should we be cheering?” every time someone claps, or shouting, “ANOTHER inning?! When will it end?” as the game enters hour three. And you never know, you might just find some warmth in your heart for the game if you limit your involvement to glancing at the screen on your way to the kitchen.

Photo Credit: Sacramento Bee

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