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5 Things You Need to Know Today: February 21, 2014

It’s Friday!  In a few short hours, the weekend is officially here–until then, be in the know of what everyone will be talking about around the office today.

California Divided Into 6 States
Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Tim Draper, is proposing that California be broken into six states, since he believes it’s far too large to be governed as one. Debra Bowen, California’s Secretary of State, may think there’s something to the idea because she has allowed Draper to start collecting signatures to get it on the ballot–he needs more than 800,000 signatures in about 5 months. Although the idea sounds interesting to a lot of locals, many pundits doubt Cali will ever split. Still, the talk about “six Californias” is really heating up and the notion is gaining speed.

Canada Wins Gold in Women’s Hockey
And no one is happier than Rob Ford: the Mayor of Toronto and the only Canadian that rivals fellow Canuck Justin Bieber in being hardcore. Here he is milliseconds after the sudden death goal for the win. And it wasn’t just Ford–here’s how the rest of Canada celebrated. Great job, ladies!

Google’s New Project Tango: A 3-D Mapping Smartphone
Need to figure out how to fit furniture in the spare bedroom? Or maybe you’re navigating an unfamiliar building and don’t want to get lost. Google’s new Android smartphone, “Project Tango” is equipped with external cameras and software that’ll enable it to create a 3-D model of the existing location. While most users probably wouldn’t use the feature regularly, this could be great for the visually impaired.

New Lung Cancer Drug Improves Survival Rates
According to a recent drug trial, an experimental drug developed by Eli Lilly & Co.,  has been shown to improve survival rates in late stage cancer patients.  Not only that, but it did so without the cancer worsening, which is a significant victory.  Not surprisingly, shares went up 3 percent. Photo:

Little Girl Cries While Watching Parents Wedding Video
Too. Many. Feelings.

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