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5 Daily Things You Waste Time On Vs. What You Could Be Accomplishing

Let’s be honest with ourselves–we all spend time on meaningless things at some point throughout our day–you’re doing it right now. But did you ever think about some of the meaningful things you’re bypassing? I mean, the real life-changing things we could be doing to better ourselves. Take a look at these five common time-wasters, and how they compare to what you could have achieved. Sobering, indeed.

1. Checking Facebook
The average person spends 17 minutes a day on Facebook, which means you could be scrolling through your newsfeed for a little over 2 hours a week. Why not put that thumb to better use like say, strumming a guitar? Photo: Imgur
17 minutes a day for 6 months = Learning to proficiently play the guitar

2. Stalking People Online
One recent British study showed that people spend 14 minutes a day stalking on social media profiles. Guilty as charged? Then maybe it’s time to shift gears and save your soul. Photo: Jenna Marbles
14 minutes a day for 1 year = Reading the Bible cover to cover

3. Playing Games on Your Phone
On average, we spend 2 hours and 7 minutes PER DAY using apps, and 32 percent of them are games. That’s 40 minutes a day on Flappy Bird or whatever game has replaced Flappy Bird. If you actually got up and moved around for that same amount of time, “Hello six-pack abs, nice to see you.” Photo:
40 minutes a day for 3 months = Getting six-pack abs

4. Putting on Makeup
A study in the U.K. showed that women spend an average of 15 minutes each weekday putting on makeup. Fifteen minutes multiplied five days a week? Well over an hour. Does that sound like you? Then speed up that spackle, lady! You could be on a path to nirvana. Photo:
15 minutes a day = Meditating to a higher state of consciousness

5. Sitting in Front of the TV
No doubt it’s America’s favorite pastime, with the average person watching 2.77 hours a day. If you crunch the numbers, that’s a whopping 1,011 hours a year or a tad more than 42 days. Of course, if you could manage to step away from the screen, think how much more genial you’d become. Photo:
2.77 Hours a Day for 1 Year = Becoming fluent in German

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