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3 Things You Should Know Today: March 20, 2014

As the week goes on, it gets more and more interesting. Here are a few things you and your friends might chat about today.

Did Australia Just Find the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight
Early reports from last night are coming in that state Australian satellites may have found possible wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Officials are reporting two large objects–the larger one approximately 80 feet long. Because of its remote location in the southern Indian Ocean, it will take days just to get search teams to reach and examine the site.

Chinese Businessman Buys a Tibetan Mastiff Puppy for $2 Million
Got a Tibetian Mastiff? If so, you might want to send that pooch packing in exchange for some cash–they’ve become the status symbol of dogs.The ancient breed dog has become popular among Chinese millionaires, with one just selling for nearly $2 million this past Tuesday. An unnamed 56-year-old property developer from Qingdao, China dropped a cool 12 million yuan on just one. It’s ownership is currently a symbol of incredible wealth in certain circles, much like a sprawling mansion or a Maybach sedan.

Did Pakistan Know Where Bin Laden Was? Anonymous Source Says Yes
According to The New York Times, an anonymous official in Pakistan claims that the head of Pakistan’s intelligence service knew bin Laden was in the country. Not only that, but documents found at his house, according to the same report, suggested that bin Laden’s travel by car was also known and protected by the Pakistani intelligence.


“Wheel of Fortune” Contestant Solves Puzzle with Two Letters
So this happened last night on the “Wheel of Fortune.” Two letters on the first guess! I don’t believe it–Pat Sajak doesn’t believe it either. Emil deserves the $45,000 he won for his Rainman-like guess though.

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