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3 Things You Need to Know Today: March 27, 2014

It’s Thursday! Here’s a look at some recent headlines for your morning conversations.

Obama Secret Service Agents Get Drunk on the Job
Secret Service agents arrived in Amsterdam over the weekend to prepare for President Obama’s arrival, and—oh, I guess you know where this is going—decided to have a little fun the night before the Prez got into town. Nothing quite as bad their Colombian incident, but a heavy drinking session ensued, with one agent found passed out in a hotel hallway Sunday morning. Agents aren’t allowed to drink 10 hours before an assignment, making this a no-no. Three agents were put on leave.

Gay Marriage in Michigan? Well Not Really
So if you’re one of the 300 gay couples in Michigan who got married this past weekend after the state’s ban was overturned, there’s a teensy bit of a problem. You’re married, but won’t have any legal benefits as a married couple–at least for now. A stay has been put on the decision, meaning the marriages are valid, but Michigan won’t recognize them until the stay is lifted by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. And how long is this stay, exactly? Indefinite.

9-Year-Old Who Shaved Head is Let Back in School
School officials were forced to think outside the box recently when 9-year-old Kamryn Renfro shaved her head to support her friend Delaney Clements who is ill with stage 4 cancer. The school dress code doesn’t allow shaved heads–what to do? After suspending the student for her actions, they decided this week to lift the punishment, if for no other reason than to silence the public outcry. Go Kamryn and Delaney!

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