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3 Things You Need to Know Today: March 26, 2014

Mid-week–we’re almost there, friends. Here are a few bits of news to inspire conversation.

122 New Objects Found During Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Search
Recent satellite images show 122 new objects that are possibly from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. “It must be emphasized that we cannot tell whether the potential objects are from MH370,” Malaysia’s acting transport minister Hishamuddin Hussein said at a press conference yesterday. “Nevertheless, this is another new lead that will help direct the search operation.” The potential objects (ranging in length from 3 to 72 feet) were spotted around 1,588 miles from Perth in Western Australia

Et tu, CNN? Seems Everyone Wants to Break into the World Trade Center
Two CNN producers tried to break into the World Trade Center site Tuesday to see how “secure” it really was, given the recent reports of teenagers and skydivers trespassing. Armed with a GoPro and full-size video camera, they attempted to bust through a gate and were promptly arrested. Predictably, CNN says the two had gone rogue, stating they “were asked not to” do it. You gotta admire their hunger for a story, right?

Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Company for Friends to “Share Adventures”
When it comes to the next big thing, Mark Zuckerberg’s putting his money on virtual reality. Facebook has just agreed to buy Oculus for $2 billion, in a move that Zuck says “is a long-term bet on the future of computing.” Oculus makes a headset that covers your eyes and creates an entire virtual world that reacts to the turning of your head. The possibilities are endless—you could consult with a doctor face-to-face, or go to a sports game via a headset for example, said Zuckerberg. Or, as he later put it, “share not just moments with friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.” Hmm.

And more…

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Split After 10 Years
After a decade of marriage, Gwyneth Paltrow and musician husband Chris Martin are officially calling it quits, by putting up this joint announcement on her website, Goop. But before you use the D-word, they prefer the term “uncoupling,” thanks.

Heroic Last-Second Rescue by the Houston Fire Department
This is not a scene from a summer blockbuster where the hero of the movie escapes a burning hotel with seconds to spare before the building collapses behind him–this actually happened yesterday.

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