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3 Things You Need to Know Today: January 30, 2014

More of interesting things going on today. These three items might come up in conversation today—if they do, you’re already ahead of the curve…

Justin Bieber Can’t Stop Getting Arrested
The diminutive 19-year-old singer who was arrested in Florida less than a week ago for, among other offences, driving while intoxicated, turned himself over to Toronto police late last night. The latest charge? Physically attacking his limo driver. Anyone else concerned about this kid’s trajectory? Photo: CBC

Are You Ready For $1,000 Haircuts?
How much do you currently pay for your haircut? Me? I go to an old school barber with one of those red-and-white striped poles out front–$20. My wife pays around $50 every 6 months. Those numbers wouldn’t even cover the tip for Julien Farel and Ted Gibson who charge $900 and $1,200 for cuts, respectively. This isn’t isolated—this is a growing trend. Photo: WSJ

Mailman vs. Cat
It’s not enough that mail carriers have to deal with crazy dogs and the Polar Vortex—now they have to figure out how to get past territorial cats.

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