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3 Things You Need to Know Today: Feb. 13, 2014

One more shopping day before Valentine’s Day, but I don’t think that’s what’s on east coasters’ minds right now.  If you know anyone on the east coast, you might want to read on…

The East Coast Is Getting Hit Hard With Ice and Snow Again
Another harsh storm: Washington D.C. is shut down, Georgia and the Carolinas are paralyzed in official states of emergency, around 400,000 are without power, thousands of flights are cancelled—in short, it’s heck out there. The photo you see here is of a North Carolina highway. Please be careful out there, guys–it’s getting more and more dangerous by the hour. Photo: Blo

Comcast Just Bought Time Warner For $45 Billion
What does this mean? Their services don’t overlap, but now two of the biggest U.S. cable companies just became one—that’s A LOT of coverage. Analysts are predicting that this will give Comcast (the number one company with 23 million subscribers) more leverage when bargaining with content providers. I’m thinking the competitive cable market might suffer. All this said, our tech guy, Dave Johnson wrote up a nice little piece last month entitled “Kissing Cable TV Goodbye“–you might want to read it now in light of this news.

You Can Not Escape The Cuteness of This Baby Penguin
How do you get this zookeeper’s job!?

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